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Canada is a democratic country divided into a series of English and French speaking provinces and territories with Queen Elizabeth II the official Head of State. The country’s head of the government is the Prime Minister, he and the members of the House of Commons are democratically elected whereas Members of the Senate are appointed their roles.

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Canada has very close ties to both the US and the UK yet it works very hard to maintain a fairly neutral and balanced stand point when it comes to global politics. To this end it has been successful and is not seen as a threat by many nations who may otherwise regard nations like the US with fear or suspicion for example. Canadian troops are regularly deployed via the UN Peacekeeping Forces on peacekeeping missions around the world and Canada is accepted as a very safe country in which to live.


Anyone considering taking up Canadian citizenship will be pleased to know that Canadian healthcare and education standards are world class with the medical system subsidised heavily by the government and schooling compulsory and free to all pupils up to the age of 16.

Geographically Canada is as diverse as it is vast. Mountains, glaciers, vast lakes and lush valleys dominate much of the southern Canadian landscape with forests giving way to tundra giving way to Arctic barrens in northern Canada. Canada is one of the least populated countries in the world when you compare population to available landmass with roughly 1 person to every 3.5km of land. In terms of the climate and weather conditions, again Canada’s vast landmass which stretches from North America right up to the Arctic Ocean means that there are massive variations in weather. Extremes of temperatures measured in Canada range from minus sixty three degrees centigrade to plus forty five. The main inhabited areas are more temperate with warm summers but cold long winters with significant snowfall. The most temperate area of the entire country is coastal British Columbia.

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Canada Forum Quick Facts:
Capital: Ottawa
Government: Federation with Parliamentary Democracy and Constitutional Monarchy
Currency: Canadian dollar (CAD)
Area: 9,976,140 km2
Population: 33,647,989 (May 2009 est.)
Language: English 59.3% (official), French 23.2% (official), other 17.5%
Religion: Roman Catholic 43.6%, Protestant 29.2%, No religious affiliation 16.5%, Other 10.7%
Calling Code: 1
Internet TLD: .ca

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