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How many countries are in the world?

It is considered that that there are 195 countries in the world, which is probably the best current answer to the question, "How many countries are in the world?"

Plus there are numerous territories, colonies and places that are thought to be countries but are in fact not.

International Property Forum features articles, links, stories and useful information about the world of property and how nearly everything in life revolves around where we live, the office we might work in, the factories where we construct products and the resorts, hotels and properties where we like to take our vacations.

From the moment we rise from our beds in our homes or hotel rooms to the time we return we live work and play in a world full of architecture, property and construction.

Throughout time we have built temples to pray within, castles to keep invaders out, cities of spiralling towers and villages with thatched roofs to keep us dry and warm.

There is hardly anywhere in the world without property being visible in one state or another and the desire to build properties for our protection, our work or for our pleasure is all part of being human.


Associated with our travels around the world we will also be looking at international festivals and events that are often associated with historic cities or monuments as well as international cuisine that forms part of the traditions and cultures of those countries we will feature.

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We invite travel writers, authors and international travellers to tell us about their international experiences by sending us information which we can feature on this site and share with others who are also interested in the world of international property and all that surrounds it.

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