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Ecuador is a representative democratic republic in South America, bordered by Colombia on the north, by Peru on the east and south, and by the Pacific Ocean to the west. It is one of only two countries in South America (with Chile) that does not have a border with Brazil.The country also includes the Galápagos Islands in the Pacific, about 965 kilometers (600 miles) west of the mainland. Ecuador straddles the equator, from which it takes its name, and has an area of 256,371 square kilometers (98,985 mi²). Its capital city is Quito; its largest city is Guayaquil.

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Ecuador's capital is Quito, which is in the province of Pichincha in the Sierra region. Its largest city is Guayaquil, in the province of Guayas on the Coast. Cotopaxi, which is just south of Quito, features one of the world's highest active volcanoes. Although the country is not particularly large (the size of the U.S. state of Colorado), there is great variety in the climate, largely determined by altitude. The Pacific coastal area has a tropical climate, with a severe rainy season. The climate in the Andean highlands is temperate and relatively dry; and the Amazon basin on the eastern side of the mountains shares the climate of other rain forest zones. Because of its location at the equator, Ecuador experiences little variation in daylight hours during the course of a year.

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Ecuador Forum Quick Facts:
Capital: Quito
Government: Republic
Currency: US dollar (USD)
Area total: 283,560 km2
water: 6,720 km2
land: 276,840 km2
Population: 14,573,101 (est.)
Language: Spanish (official), Amerindian languages (especially Quechua)
Religion: Roman Catholic 95%
Electricity: 110-220V/60Hz (USA & European plugs)
Calling Code: +593
Internet TLD: .ec
Time Zone: UTC-5

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