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Iceland is an island country in Northern Europe, located in the North Atlantic Ocean between mainland Europe and Greenland which is volcanically and geologically active on a large scale. The interior mainly consists of a plateau characterized by sand fields, mountains and glaciers, while many big glacial rivers flow to the sea through the lowlands. Warmed by the Gulf Stream, Iceland has a temperate climate relative to its latitude and provides a habitable environment and nature.

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Iceland has some of the world's highest levels of economic and civil freedoms and was ranked as the most developed country in the world by the United Nations' Human Development Index. Iceland is also the fourth most productive country per capita. Iceland's economy has been diversifying into manufacturing and service industries in the last decade, including software production, biotechnology, and financial services. The tourism sector is expanding, with the recent trends in travel and ecotourism with whale-watching.

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Iceland Forum Quick Facts:
Capital: Reykjavík, the northernmost capital in the world
Government: Constitutional republic
Currency: Icelandic króna (ISK)
Area: 103,000 km2
Population: 320,169 (Oct 2008)
Language: Icelandic; English widely understood
Religion: Lutheran (official) 80.7%, other Protestant 4.1%, Roman Catholic 2.5%, Buddhist 0.2%, etc. (
Electricity: 220V/50Hz (European plug)
Calling Code: 354
Internet TLD: .is
Time Zone: UTC

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