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International Radio

International Radio

Radios tend to be interchangeable from country to country. If you have internet access you can get many free international radio programs, you will be able to find a list by performing a web search. Windows Media Player may be an option to use to link into your chosen international radio news items to keep you up to date.

If using a traditional radio the exact FM range being used can vary from country to country though, so you may not be able to access all stations. In the US, only odd channels (88.1,88.3, 100.1 etc) are used. A radio intended for the US market will not work correctly in most other countries. Japan, in particular, has an FM band from 76 MHz to 90 MHz rather than the more common 87.5 MHz to 108 MHz.

The countries of the former Soviet Union also use a similar band. For the medium wave band, channel spacings (the difference between each valid frequency) can be 9kHz or 10kHz (for USA). Some digital radios will have a switch or setting to choose which channel spacing is used. Without this, they will not work correctly outside their intended market. Old-fashioned analog-dial tuners don't have this limitation.

Most hotels provide internet access and being able to plug-in your computer means you should be able to listen to the international news via an online radio channel.

International Radio | Use internet International Radio news to keep in touch

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