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Is it really a good idea to join a wealth forum?

The answer is always yes and no. There are a lot of good things that can come out of a wealth forum. Those with little experience might join a forum to learn about how to do the first investment, and some users of forums will go to great lengths to assist others without any expectation of reward or business.

Sadly though, the vast majority of forum users these days are spammers who are trying to gain private information out of unsuspecting members, or agents who are simply trying to push their products down the throat of members who they connect with for commission. These agents are simply not professional and their products should be treated with extreme caution.

If you are going to join a wealth forum simply do so with the intent to learn - do not look for products or opportunities. If you want to look at a property wealth forum in specific terms the rules of using the forum are no different. We know of many people who have attended property and wealth forums in person, and virtually all left a bad taste
after the realization that members of the audience were planted there by the organizers to make the event and product look more worthy than it actually was. Because of unprofessional presenters acting like they are real people with great products, it makes it all the harder for professionals, that have done due diligence and act professionally at all times, to operate.

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