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Living Overseas

Considering living overseas, find the best guide to working and living overseas, links and guides to assist the move.

What are the best countries in the world to live in, celebrating thanksgiving while living overseas, fast ways to send money overseas, heading overseas to study and the financial costs, the reality of culture shock, living abroad when you retire, tips on how to sell or buy your overseas property... and much more.

The concept of living overseas has probably crossed the mind of everyone at some time in their lives. Following through and actually living what might be the dream happens to very few. To be successful in the move one should make detailed plans and research the subject and the intended destination over an extended period.

Moving overseas without careful preparation can turn the dream into a disaster very quickly, so looking for the best guides to living overseas will be a great place to start. Finding links on Government websites will also be a fairly reliable insight into how living overseas will affect you both short and long term.

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Living Overseas | Best guide to working and living overseas

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