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The largest country in the GCC, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is strategically located between Asia and Africa, and bordered by the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf. A country of modesty and tradition and for many it has a fascinating culture, one that cannot be experienced elsewhere.

If you are looking to connect with someone in Saudi Arabia, travel there, learn about the location or buy a property it is possible to do so through the forum. Simply do an online search using the words "Saudi Arabia Forum" and a list will be presented via a web search.

The Kingdom's population of more than 20 million is the largest in the Gulf.

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Saudi Arabia Forum Quick Facts:
Capital Riyadh
Government Absolute Monarchy
Currency Saudi riyal (SAR)
Area total: 1,960,582 km2
water: 0 km2
land: 1,960,582 km2
Population 27,601,038 includes 5,576,076 non-nationals (July 2007 est.)
Language Arabic
Religion 100% Muslim (by law)
Electricity 110V (Riyadh), 110/220V (Jeddah), 220V elsewhere; plug types A, C, D, G all used
Calling Code 966
Internet TLD .sa
Time Zone GMT+3

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