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Great Travel Tips, find a set of useful International Travel Tips, including tips on Packing, Flights and a First Time Tip for the nervous traveler.

First time - Travel tip 1.


Ever thought about how you would recognize your baggage as the conveying belt passes all the luggage by you? You have been on a flight for hours, you are tired and have a hard time concentrating. This simple tip might help. Get a piece of ribbon or cloth that you know well, or use a piece of plastic that stands out and will weather well - something you will recognize instantly and that now will else will have. Tie this to your baggage and you will see your luggage much easier.

Get on the move - Travel tip 2.

Travel lighter than you would otherwise think to. Its a long learnt lesson for international travelers that taking less is much more efficient. If you can get all items packed in one small luggage piece that you can use as take-one luggage and store in the passenger compartment you will be out the other end quicker than most.

Worry free - Travel tip 3.

Declare everything - all countries have different rules and immigration laws for overseas travelers - obey the destination country's regulations and declare everything.

Respect - Travel tip 4.


Different nations have different laws and cultures that you should be respectful to. If you obey the laws, are polite and use common sense when communicating you should be fine. Think about how you would feel if a foreign person disrespected your country and how you would react and expect your hosts to be the same.

Alcohol - Travel tip 5.

International flights often supply free drinks in flight - if they do, keep your drinking to a sensible level. If you arrive drunk you may find yourself on the first flight back.

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