Bulgaria Citizenship

Featured benefits of the Bulgaria Citizenship program

. The Bulgarian option has more tax benefits and completely flexible in regards to physical residence, compared to many other countries legislation.

. Granting of residency and after five years citizenship.

How to obtain a Bulgaria Economic Citizenship by Investment

Discover the world through Bulgaria citizenship by investment - IPD offer the best route to Bulgarian Economic Citizenships.

A citizenship for investment program allows investors to gain residency and citizenship in exchange for making an investment in Bulgaria's burgeoning economy.

Bulgaria Citizenship Requirements

Although there are a number of Immigrant Investor programs available throughout the world, the Bulgarian program is unique. As long as an investor meets all the legal requirements and invests €511,292 in the country, they will be granted residency and after five years get citizenship, without ever having to live there or without paying any taxes on their wealth, inheritance or income outside of the country.

Since 2007, a Bulgarian passport entitles its holder to work, study and live freely in most European countries. As an EU citizen, applicant's children are also entitled to attend an EU university at a lower cost. In addition, the Bulgarian government have made it a top priority to attract wealthy foreign investors by creating tax incentives for foreign business men.

Bulgaria Citizenship Tax Benefits

Bulgaria offers the lowest tax rate within the European Union - 10% flat corporate and personal tax on income made in Bulgaria.

The Bulgarian option has more tax benefits and is highly flexible as regards any actual residence requirements, compared to many other countries legislation.

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