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Featured benefits of the USA citizenship program

After 5 years of established residency, they may be eligible to apply for citizenship.

How to obtain USA Economic Citizenship by Investment

Investing for US Citizenship is built around opportunity in the US immigrant investor program as American businesses seek new sources of funding.

The US 's EB-5 Investor Visa is gaining popularity among both US business seeking more cost effective and socially accountable funding in a constricted credit environment, and residents in many world regions seeking US citizenship.

Established as a government initiative to create jobs in the US, each EB-5 Visa applicant is required to create a minimum of 10 full-time jobs for US-citizens within two years. In return the government extends permanent residency (Green Card) to the visa holder, the holder's spouse, and an unlimited number of children below 21 years of age.

After 5 years of established residency, they may be eligible to apply for citizenship.

For business investors, the EB-5 presents a relatively safe and attractive investment model, but more importantly, it provides the means to a passport over a five-year period.

EB-5 has been gaining a lot of momentum, especially following the temporary suspension of the Canadian Federal and Quebec Immigrant Investor Programs.

USA citizenship Investment options

Businessmen have two tracks towards a Green Card.

A $500,000 regional center investment is sufficient, if the project is in a designated economically distressed area (which can be as small as a city block), with an unemployment rate over 150% of the national average-this is classified as a Targeted Employment Area (TEA).

Alternatively, there is the $1 million direct investment, where the only requirement is job creation.

USA citizenship fees

In addition, a $50,000 fee is payable to the Regional Center, which is transferred with the investment. Legal fees of $15,000 will also be applicable.

Competition among projects to win over investors will prove advantageous to foreign.
There are 10,000 EB-5 investor visas available on an annual basis, but this quota has never been reached.

The above information is about how to obtain USA Economic Citizenships

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