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. After 6 years of official residence, the applicant can request a Portuguese Passport.

How to obtain a Portugal Citizenship by Investment

Discover the world through Portugal citizenship by investment

Since October 2013, a modification to the existing Law which created ARI - Autorização de Residência para Investimento (the Golden Permit), has resulted in a fast track process been launched. Designed to ease and draw investment into the country, with unequalled conditions compared to any other states of the European Union.

The new program offers many attractions to the investor. However it does not grant immediate citizenship. Residency conditions (very lenient) must be met and a passport can be issued after six years. Key features of the program include;

Reduced time and bureaucracy (the applicant - or, more likely, a Lawyer - can complete the process via the Internet)

No requirement to present an investment plan up front.

No requirement to reside legally and officially in Portugal even after the residence permit is granted. Under these new terms, amended just this January, an investor can have Portuguese residence if he spends a minimum of 7 days in the first year of residence in Portugal, and 14 in each of the following 2-year periods. That stay is a total figure per year, in other words the 7 days per year can be made up of several separate visits to the country. Nonetheless, should these requirements not be met, refusal to renew is not automatic and may be not taken into account by the authority concerned.

The applicant may ask for family union status and have his/her family granted a Portuguese Permit.

Above all, the applicant is entitled to Portuguese citizenship :

After 6 years of official residence, the applicant can request a Portuguese Passport.

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